Coronavirus (COVID 19) Update

As all students have now returned to schools we are working with schools to organise the safe resumption of face to face music lessons. Where a resumption of live lessons is not possible, we are recommending a continuation of remote learning.

We are recommending that teaching continues in one of 2 ways:

  1. The sharing of resources (written, audio and video) with progress recorded by the pupil and feedback given by the teacher.
  2. Online video lessons (via Skype, Zoom etc.)

In both cases, communication (whether via email, phone or social media) must be between the teacher and the parent (not directly with the pupil). For video lessons, we ask that you ensure that your child is safe in their environment for the duration of the lesson, with minimal disturbances, and with an adult present in the house at all times. Lessons should take place in an appropriate space, i.e., not a bedroom.

These strict guidelines follow the recommended protocols given by both the Musicians Union and Incorporated Society of Musicians.

This change to our service will continue until further notice.

We hope you all stay well.

David Miller and John Murray
Directors, CAVMS Ltd