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Information for Parents

  • The cost per term is determined by the number and length of lessons.
  • Group lessons are only available in certain circumstances.
  • Payment must be made at the beginning of term as soon as the invoice is received.
  • The full amount for each term must be paid, even though a child may wish to discontinue lessons after just a few weeks.
  • Written notification from a parent/guardian is required to discontinue, otherwise lessons continue from term to term automatically.
  • Lessons missed through no fault of the teacher (e.g. family holidays, school trips, industrial action, child’s absence etc) are non-refundable, although staff will make every effort to compensate for missed lessons.

Cost of Lessons

  • Group lessons (when available) cost £6.00 per week e.g 2 sharing 20 minutes or 3 sharing 30 minutes.
  • Individual lessons start at £9.00 for 15 minutes. This means that a typical 12 week term will cost:
    • Group lesson: £72
    • Individual 15 minute lesson: £108

How to Pay for Lessons

Lessons commence on receipt of the online enrolment form. An invoice will be sent once the number and length of lessons have been confirmed.

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