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Primary Schools

CAVMS offers the full range of orchestral instrumental tuition, as well as piano, voice, guitar and drums in Primary Schools.

Typically we start at KS2, but some schools are happy that beginners start in year 2. Early starters cannot normally play Brass or Woodwind instruments until they have second teeth, but guitar, violin and piano are suitable.

The smaller beginner will need to have a smaller instrument (guitar and violin) and half and three-quarter size instruments are available to purchase.

Instrumental demonstrations are a fun and informative way to show what the instruments look and sound like and generally help pupils and parents decide which instrument to choose. CAVMS has been demonstrating all instruments successfully since 1993, and these visits form an integral part of our academic year. We have also produced a video which shows the many benefits of learning a musical instrument.

We deal directly with parents over fees, easing the administrative burden on the school. All that we need is an appropriate area in which to teach.



Creigiau Primary School

Retired Headteacher, Peter Evans, talks about music in Creigiau Primary School, the school orchestra and the opportunities for ex pupils to get involved.

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