Practice Advice

How to Encourage your Child to Practice a Musical Instrument

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Establish Amount of Time

Beginners need 15 minutes per day minimum over 5 days per week. The length of time will increase as the pupil develops. If you are in doubt, consult your teacher.




Some children respond well to a routine method of practising at the same time each day. Like brushing their teeth, they will do it daily without thought.


It is important to practice the work set by the teacher but time should be set aside for ‘favourites’ which are easily achieved and often very satisfying for the pupil.

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Encouragement can be given by praising the improved sound, (perhaps by comparing it to earlier attempts), expressing enjoyment of the melody being played, requesting old favourites etc. Never make practice a punishment i.e. 'If you do that again I'll make you practice for ten more minutes’!


Encourage your child to join an ensemble as soon as possible. This may be a band or group in school, or one of the many out of school ensembles available.



Rob Morgan, Saxophonist

Robert talks learning a musical instrument and the opportunities it has given him as he pursued his career as a doctor.

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